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Jurassic Car Wash is fun and different, just like Austin.


Enjoy a premium clean car wash while sitting in the presence of animatronic dinosaurs

Open 24/7, Jurassic Car Wash has four convenient self-service bays and a full service automatic wash with high-powered water jets, heavy-duty soft scrubbers, scented detergents, and a powerful directional air dryer that leaves your car bone dry and spotless when it exits the tunnel.

After a car wash, customers can make the inside of their car as pristine as the exterior with our self-service vacuums, spot remover, carpet shampoo, and fragrance machines. Jurassic Car Wash also has vending machines with superior quality detailing products and cleaners to meet all your clean car needs.

Customers can also use our self-serve Jurassic Pet Wash to make sure the whole household is clean!

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